GOP Rep. Peter King on Marco Rubio: "To have the balls to come in and say, ‘We screwed you, now make us president?’”


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Remember when GOP Rep. Peter King bashed his own party over Hurricane Sandy and halted donations to House Republicans? Me too!

New York GOP Rep. Peter King smacked down his fellow Republicans for having a “reality problem.” He was furious over their failure to provide funding relief via a Hurricane Sandy bill, adjourning without permitting said aid. King even called on New Yorkers to stop all donations to GOP House members. Of course, these are the same compassionate conservatives who love to boast about being “pro life.”

Now, according to Politicker, King's none too thrilled that Florida Senator Marco Rubio "has been raising cash on Wall Street after voting against the Sandy bill."

Ruh roh. I sense some new ranting coming on in 3... 2... 1...

“Being from New York we’re not supposed to be suckers,” Mr. King told Politicker this morning. “It’s bad enough that these guys voted against it, that’s inexcusable enough. But to have the balls to come in and say, ‘We screwed you now make us president?’


That's funny, Dems have been saying the very same thing about other opportunistic potential Republican candidates, but we're fine with zeroing in on Rubio for now. We're inclusive that way.

King went on to say that Rubio should be cut off from donations, as should any Congress member who “threw a knife in the back in New York” by voting “no” on the Sandy bill.

Why yes, yes he/they should. Thank you for the suggestion Rep. King. We'll be sure to spread the word.

And that concludes another episode of Republicans Eating Their Own.

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