Video: That Awkward, Cringeworthy Moment When Michelle Malkin tries to Dance and be funny


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One of the many reasons why Michelle Malkin cannot be considered a serious journalist, or person of any true intellect and now, a dancer or comedian, is her extreme jealousy of others of importance — among other reasons. For example, her site Twitchy has been posting numerous ‘articles’ on Michelle Obama, who is not an elected official. But, she is the loving wife of the President so they attack her with vigor.

Recently Michelle Obama made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show, participating in a ‘The Evolution of Mom’ comedy dance routine. The video went viral. It was funny.  The routine was not political, but Malkin made it political and her comedy routine is cringeworthy.


In case you missed it: Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon:

For more of Michelle Malkin’s comedy routines, Google: Michelle Malkin + Internment Camps.

  • DalrympleFan

     I wasn't talking about anonymous idiots on a message board. Plenty of that comes from the left as well; surely you don't mean to argue otherwise.

    As I said, I was talking about people of at least some degree of renown or prominence. I've never read anything like that come from a Jonah Goldberg or a Rich Lowry, or Ben Shapiro or Joel Pollak. Before you bring up Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke, you might want to recall Ed Schultz and Lara Ingraham.

    Even Limbaugh, in what was clearly his worst moment (which he apologized for, as did Schultz), is not nearly as vitriolic and mean-spirited and vicious (as well as unhinged) as Keith Olbermann. Do I need to bring up Mike Malloy?

    Yeah, I've seen the type of comments you refer to, and it saddens and angers me when I do. You no doubt disagree, but I think far more of that - much, much, much more, in fact - comes from the left, and (I say this honestly but respectfully, as you yourself don't seem like that kind of person), imo is far more representative of the left than similar comments are of the right.

    After all, isn't picking the target, freezing it, personalizing it, and then ridiculing it all part of the Alinsky playbook?

    BTW, in your first sentence you mention comparisons to an ape and suggesting Googling it. I don't have to, as I said I've already seen stuff like that. But I'm just asking: would you need to Google "Bush Hitler" or "Bush Chimpanzee", or do you remember all that as well?

    But like you said, it's not a competition. Just an instructive comparison.

  •  I've posted articles in which Michelle O is compared to an ape, including photos.  I've posted articles about racist remarks directed at both Michelle and Pres. Obama.  There have been horrible things directed at their daughters, too.

    As you said, there isn't enough time to cite all the examples. Just Google.

    Then again, I didn't realize this was a competition. 

  • DalrympleFan

     Andy, can you point out the parts in the video where Michelle Obama is attacked personally? How about her children?

    Can you point out anything that the right has done to that is comparable to the left's attacks on Palin and her daughters? Things equivalent to what Louis CK said about Sarah Palin, for example ("cunt-face jazzy wonder girl"). How about any jokes about either of the Obama girls getting pregnant during the seventh-inning stretch at a baseball game (David Letterman)?

    There isn't time enough in a single day for me to cite all the examples of vicious personal attacks against the Palin family. Can you give me a single one from any conservative of any renown whatsoever?

    And yes, of course it's racist because it's hip-hop. Why is that, exactly? Is it because black folks invented it? They also invented blues, jazz and rock and roll, too, so I guess if we follow your stupidity to its logical conclusion Malkin would've have had to dance the minuet or the tango for it not to be racist.

    But then the video wouldn't have made any sense - and neither do you.

    (Aand never mind that white people buy more rap music than black people do, and have for the last 25 years)

  • Let their ignorance shine:   My Prius V gets 47 MPG...THE ELECTRIC BATTERY KICKS IN ONLY WHEN GAS POWER IS NOT NEEDED...going down hills, sitting in traffic, starting, backing up.....

    God, if these people EVER GOOGLED of fact-checked..their asses would be on fire. But then that happens a lot.....

  • garak99

     No Doubt Michelle Malkin will be the hit of Wingnut Nation AKA CPAC in  a few weeks

  • Andy Marquis

    Hypocritical, to be honest.  The conservative dumbassophere better not ever complain when the "liberal media" attacks Sarah Palin's children after the way they've gone after Michelle Obama and Obama's two daughters.  Not to mention the obvious racial overtones that comes with attacking the First Lady for a hip hop dance.