Note to Readers


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Paddy (@PaddyK) is in the hospital... she's okay, but they found an irregular heartbeat, so they're keeping her over night to check it out. Why was she there to begin with? Her back was killing her, so off she went. She's now in a morphine stupor waiting to see what's up with her ticker.

So, if you will indulge us, posting will be slow to non-existent until I am done with my weekly stint on the Nicole Sandler radio show this morning. I usually don't start posting on Tuesday mornings until at least 10 am PT, so please bear with me.

Meantime, I'm trying to find guest bloggers to tide us over.

Thanks for your patience. I'll keep you posted on Paddy.


NOTE: Bumped up and edited.

  • NativeSonKY

    Get well soon Paddy! Take it easy until you do and best wishes to you!
    [EDIT} Oh and Thank You Laffy for taking up the slack and keeping us informed! Peace!

  • David G

    The most important issue is that Paddy is getting the care she needs... Good luck and good health, dear friend.  DG

  • Alison Verbeck

    Get well soon, Paddy!

  • Hope you are better soon and racing out of the hospital to a decent meal. Get Well Soon

  • Get well soon, Paddy . . .


  • skippy

    so sorry and great godspeed to paddy, hope they find no probs and she comes out ok

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Get well soon Paddy.

  • mrsgunka

    {{{hugs}} Paddy. Get better soon!

  • sandinbrick

    Give Paddy K my best wishes, I am too going in hospital, praying for her, hugs Laffy

  • Linda1961

    Hope that Paddy will be OK.

  • lsamsa

    Hope everything is okay Paddy. Take good care.

  • pigboy

    Yes, be well paddy and we are all in your cornor wishing you fast recovery.

  • barkway

    Oh dear. Hope all turns out ok, and you don't put yourself in the hospital tying to hold down the blog fort AND take care of your Dad.

  • mellowjohn

    be well, paddy. take your time coming back; make sure you're 100%.

  • WOW...hope everything turns out OK. I look forward to all of your and her posts.

  • In a Morphine stupor? Sounds like she's having fun while you're doing all the work. I wanna go in the hospital too!

    Seriously, I hope everything works out for Paddy. (and she brings me some Morphine)