Labor Dep't. rescinds 2 GW Bush-era docs that blocked proper investigation of equal pay discrimination claims


no women allowed little rascals

BushCo and their little Woman Haters Club rules are so Our Gang ago.

The Hill:

The Labor Department on Tuesday rescinded two George W. Bush-era guidance documents that the agency said served as barriers to properly investigating equal pay discrimination claims.

The department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) pulled back the 2006 documents, replacing them with new guidance for employers about the agency’s protocols for investigating allegations of pay discrimination.

Bush's version-- "Compensation Standards" and "Voluntary Guidelines”-- limited the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs' ability to enforce anti-discrimination rules. That has now changed.

Seems some of that "hope-y change-y" stuff is workin' out for us after all. Come to think of it, so is that big bad commie pinko Marxist socialist government. How dare they come down on the side of women's equality?

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.):

“The Department’s announcement is welcome news for the millions of women who are victims of pay discrimination. These Bush-era ‘guidelines’ have hamstrung DOL and they never should have been implemented in the first place.”

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