WI Gov. Scott Walker slams "ineffective" House GOP (coughPaulRyancough) over sequester


scott walker dumb look

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has come right out and admitted that Republican House members are losing the sequester battle. As you can see from this Politico quote, he certainly isn't defending them or the GOP leadership, and pretty much smacks them upside their empty little noggins:

Walker, too, said congressional leadership has been ineffective in bringing about any solutions to the impending cuts.

“We’re not here speaking on behalf of Republicans on the Hill, we’re speaking on behalf of Republican governors,” he said. “The difference is, we’re providing leadership.”


Of course, he, and fellow governors Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley (who has a secret and disturbing climate change report to contend with) haven't exactly come forward with any new-found GOP make-overtures intended to improve their image. Instead, they slammed President Obama too, but that's a given. But going after Paul Ryan et al? Noteworthy.

It's also entertaining. There's nothing more schadenfreudey than watching Republicans eating their own.

Republicans eating their own smaller