Multiple safety, environmental violations on another Shell Alaska Arctic drilling rig


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What does it take? Previously:

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It's bewildering that the Obama administration and Drill-Baby-Drillers still take risks with the world we live in, a world that needs care, not abuse. Sadly, corporate profits are a priority and lobbyists who apply so much political pressure triumph way more often than they should.

When will they learn that they and their families are as vulnerable as anyone else who inhabits this planet? Family values? Yeah, right. "Pro-life"? Don't make me laugh.

How many more of these reports, like this one from the L.A. Times, will it take to convince those who insist on drilling that clean energy ("clean" coal is not clean, by the way, and the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline is a disaster-in-waiting) is the only feasible solution if Mother Earth is to survive?

The U.S. Coast Guard has found evidence of multiple safety and environmental violations in Shell Alaska's Noble Discoverer Arctic drilling rig and forwarded it to the U.S. Justice Department for a decision about possible civil or criminal penalties, authorities confirmed Friday.

The news is the latest setback for Shell’s troubled Arctic drilling program... It has been plagued with logistical and mechanical troubles that raise questions about the company’s ability to continue this year. [...]

The Coast Guard found a lack of preventive maintenance and “systematic failure” led the Discoverer to experience a loss of its propulsion system and an explosion in its exhaust system, according to a letter to Shell’s president from U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) that detailed 16 reported deficiencies. [...]

The violations appear to be serious enough that Coast Guard officials in Alaska said they have referred the case to the Justice Department for review.