Saturday Links



I'm soooo tired.

We'll meet again: The tender farewell kisses of soldiers and their sweethearts at New York's Penn Station before they shipped out to the battlefields of WWII

Video- Terrifying Marketing ‘Prank’ Turns Innocent People Into Wanted Criminals to Sell Deodorant

Half jellyfish, half slug? the strange sea creature washing up on the Washington coast to the surprise of marine experts

iPhone bug opens phone without passcode

Video- Japanese scientists develop robots to help Fukushima clean-up

LGBT Percentage Highest in D.C., Lowest in North Dakota

Detergent Brand Trying to Pull Off the Biggest Scam Since Bottled Water

Video- Edward Gorey: The original Tim Burton

'Thx,' 'tweetable,' 'dumbphone' now in Oxford Dictionary

Six books compete for the prize of Oddest Book Title of the Year