Firefighters under investigation by department for appearing with Pres. Obama. "It leads us to question the chief's motives."


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When President Obama held a news conference last week, he was surrounded by men and women in uniform to make the point that austerity (spending cuts) doesn't work (it doesn't). He was trying to emphasize the impact such cuts would have on police officers, firefighters and other first responders. As it is, hundreds of thousands of public sector workers have already been laid off.

In fact, “we have never cut government jobs when we were trying to save the economy. Until this time.”

And now something else happened that usually hasn't. Until this time:

(CNN) - Washington firefighters who stood with President Barack Obama at a public appearance Tuesday are now under investigation by their department. [...]

The White House sent a request to the International Association of Fire Fighters, said Ed Smith, president of DC Fire Fighters Association Local 36. Firefighters are routinely requested for events such as 9/11 memorial ceremonies and it has "never been a problem," Smith said. "It leads us to question the chief's motives."

Smith is right, something doesn't feel kosher about this.

DC Fire & EMS Chief Kenneth Ellerbe says he's not considering any disciplinary action.

  • Now why would the chiefs want to investigate the very people who stand to lose their job because of Republican foolishness?
    As if I don't already know the answer to that question! 

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    He had better not be considering disciplinary action. It'd be his behind on the unemployment line if he did.

  • Lynne Stevens

    Amazing how exposing these things to the light of day sometimes makes them just go away.  (Who me?)