Friday Links



I'm such a pessimist that I hate it when I wake up in a good mood because I know that just foretells that something will squash it soon.

The saucy album covers that really will make you cringe… Vintage ‘mum and dad’ collection showcases hilarious designs from the 1950s

Astronomers discover smallest planet ever

Video- Could the house of the future look like a spider's web? Out-there architects issue plan for 3D-printed home

Museum Invites Visitors to Immerse Themselves in Nude Art Exhibit by Getting Naked Themselves (NSFW)

Video- 'Rejected food' feeds UN officials at Kenyan feast

Deepest hydrothermal ocean vents found

Not just weapons of destruction: How drones are being used to help build the skyscrapers of the future which could house more than 30,000 people

Seduction of the Innocent: detective novel set during anti-comic book hysteria of the 1950s

Video- App gives paralysed man his voice back

How safe is flying? Take the aviation safety quiz

Can You Eat Your Own Poop?

Shoe shiner donates $200K in tips

Video- ESO captures infrared image of Lobster Nebula

I drank three bottles of wine in a night and ended up in hospital: How one mother's wake-up call helped her kick her alcohol addiction