Congress "went on vacation... Lawmakers should think about the regular guys for once."



Today's L.A. Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Obama pressures GOP to stave off 'meat cleaver' cuts," Feb. 20

With respect to sequestration, it appears that Congress created a problem that only Congress can solve (with the acquiescence of Obama, of course). But when the time comes to solve the problem, Congress is unable to solve it. They set themselves a trap, and then walked right into it.

Right now, sequestration is not the answer; just look at Europe's experience with austerity. Deficit spending must come under control only after our unemployment rate drops sufficiently. You cannot fix the economy by giving the wealthy more than they have now and expect the elderly and middle class to pay to fix the problem. Unemployment is today's most serious problem; fix that and the deficit will almost fix itself.

Congress had two weeks remaining to remedy sequestration, and its members went on vacation instead. Lawmakers should think about the regular guys for once.

Andrew Ogilvie


  • Is this the way we want our country to be governed? This congress is hell bent on spiting the president, to the point where they will allow no bill to passed, even if it is something they favored in the recent past. Their failure to come up with a compromise over reducing the debt created the Super Committee (doomed to fail because they sat hard core RW zealots on the committee to stifle compromise), which came up with the Sequester. If you remember Mr. Boehner said "I got 98% of what I wanted, I'm happy". Now he's trying to say it was the president's idea when it was not, and since they painted themselves into a corner for the upteenth time, they can't get out of it without looking weak, incompetent, impotent and partisan, all the things they truly are. So now they want the Senate to figure a way out of it, or the President, while they recess and go home on vacation.
    A bigger bunch of ne'er do wells or screw ups cannot be found even in the most ridiculous nations on the planet. Rid the congress of obstructionists, incompetents and those who don't know how government works.   #RockTheHouse 2014.