CNNotSoMuch: Soledad O'Brien leaving morning show, free to produce content for other networks


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Soledad O’Brien will leave CNN’s morning show soon, but she will still have a limited role there producing documentaries. She will no longer be exclusive to CNN and will no longer have a morning show on the network. That means she is free to produce content, take hosting jobs, and do reporting work at other networks.

New York Times:

Ms. O’Brien will go from being an anchor to an outside producer. She may have had little choice in the matter: the new head of CNN Worldwide, Jeff Zucker, decided even before he started the job in January that he wanted to replace Ms. O’Brien’s morning show...

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O'Brien has been doing some great stuff lately, including some hardcore interviews, one of the few out there who is unafraid to confront or challenge her guests. For example:

Video- Soledad O’Brien To Former RNC Chair: Do Minorities Not Know You, Or Do They Just Not Like You?

Video- Soledad O’Brien Thumps GOP Congressman Over His Opposition To Hurricane Sandy Relief

VIDEO: Fla Gov. Rick Scott ducks gun safety questions from CNN’s Soledad O’Brien

VIDEO- Soledad O’Brien to GOP Senator: “Why are you trying to balance budget on people making under $23,000 a year?”

VIDEO: Soledad O’Brien grills GOP Rep. Joe Heck on his bizarre quasi-defense of Susan Rice

VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani refuses to answer question in heated exchange with Soledad O’Brien over Benghazi

Video- Soledad O’Brien Spars With Coot Sununu Over “Act of Terror” On Libya

VIDEO- GOP Rep. Peter King: Pres. Obama apologized for America. ” I don’t care what fact check says!”

VIDEO: Soledad O’Brien to Romney surrogate John Sununu: No GOP talking points or name-calling.

You get the idea.

you got spunk

  • Have followed her since MTV and love how she has grown and developed. Keep up the great work Soledad. We have your back and want you back on the airwaves every day. Maybe CURRENT or MSNBC?

  • CissyRenee

    Seems that more and more CNN is going the way of faux bubblegum news. It's been a slow, but very steady, low boil of change from middle of the road reporting to right leaning undercurrants for some time now. I never thought I would be a person who scours the internet looking for a straight up take on world news but I never thought I lived in a world where those in power  would work so hard to keep so much  from the public. Naive, I know. But those in power are also naive if they think, in the long run, that a handful of people will dictate to and dominate the world's population. The arch of the moral universe is long but bends toward justice - MLK.    

  • David G

    Soledad is another of what will be many victims of the the Republicanization of CNN.  Make no mistake, about four years ago this move to the right started.  From promoting itself as a neutral news reporting agency, they've moved right ever since.  And now they've toss off one of the truth-tellers.  Look for many more Republican leaning changes to be made and progressive counter voices to be removed... They're trying to become FOX TV - light.  Instead they're just becoming conservative mouthpieces.  DG

  • She had the audacity to have a set of brass ovaries and do her job..