Video- Sean Hannity: "I Think The President's A Thief ... He's Stealing From Our Kids"


They just can't help themselves. Via MM.

  • JohnWilliamsJr

    Wow. Tough here. I agree with Rock and Billy.

    I agree on Hannity and Foxnews and the wars and Big Pharma and GWB passed a mess onto PBO. But not that I need counseling for watching Fox. I watch MSNBC too.

    But would you agree that Chris Matthews is a P.O.S. fawning over PBO's every word. And PBO is in bed with Big Parma and Big Oil and Wall Street and the War machines? And that WJC passed a mess onto GWB?

    Therein lies our country's problem. We are divided amongst ourselves.

    I will stop and leave if that is what you want.

  •  Fuck it. You're banned. You're here to provoke and that breaks the rules, period. Bye now.

  • I think you need to read the First Amendment, Billy. Free speech has to do with government control, not rules of a blog site. Talk about convoluted logic.

    Nobody here has attacked you personally or directly, but you attacked someone else. In black and white. I have the comment, yet you refuse to acknowledge your own writings. How odd that you won't admit that.

    And no, that isn't ok. So out it goes. Again, read the guidelines... no baiting, which is exactly what you've been doing, and pretty rudely.

    This is your last warning.

    And no. You don't understand, clearly.

  • Paddy

     Dude, I hear the rock you climbed out under from is looking for you.

    Honestly, what pleasure do you get from commenting on a blog where EVERYONE will disagree with you.? Sean Hannity is a P.O.S. that fawned over every slurred word that came out of GWB's mouth. 2 unfunded, off the books wars that now PBO has to account for? All PBO's fault.  A Medicare loophole that gave a Big Pharma a huge windfall? It was GWB's present to his buds,  but whose fault is it? Yeah, the new guy. And on and on.

  • billysimpson

    The Republicans are no different than the Democrats. Foxnews is no different than MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS news outlets. All are destroying the country while we fight amongst ourselves. We need to get that straight or fall.

  • billysimpson

    No problem with your rules; just enforce them equally, fairly.

    Convoluted logic. Censorship is removal or editing of any part of my opinion. Free speech does not compare with destruction of personal private property. Personal attacks are only allowed from one side I guess.

    So, this is okay:

    "Anyone who watches Faux and believes any of this needs counseling."

    So if I change my comment to this it would be okay:

    "Anyone who agrees with the original comment is a know-it-all Democrat who understands nothing but what they have been brainwashed to believe; and need counseling."

    No need to reply. I understand.

  •  What original post? Paddy's post of the video? The commenter who you responded to? Did either call you a direct name? No. But you did, you were directly insulting.  I will quote you to you, since you have trouble understanding this:

    "You are a ...."

    See? Directly baiting a Commenter.

    By the way, editing someone for breaking house rules is not censorship. Abusing the rules is not allowed. If you insist on doing that, you will be edited, just as it would be if you walked into someone's place of business and deliberately broke something. That would get you fined, arrested, or kicked out.

    As for length, that comment is not out of the ordinary. We do either edit or delete comments that ramble on forever, but this particular comment was within boundaries.

    You have a problem with our rules? Don't comment here. Simple.

  • billysimpson

    I did.

    Then I was censored. Okay, understood. Now I see where you are coming from...

    But the original post violated all of your guidelines:

    Pointlessly rambling
    Serve no other purpose other than to attempt to provoke a fight
    Redundant (ie: posting the same comment in several threads)
    Argumentative, simply spewing lies, without providing substance/facts
    Excessive in length (that goes for sympathetic Comments, too)
    Random, uncalled-for, irrelevant snottiness without regard to the content of that particular post.

    I do not need counseling as stated. Know-it-alls and bigots need to hear it. Those brainwashed need to know.

    What good is commenting if you remove the most important point?

  •  Billy, read our guidelines.

  • billysimpson

    So wrong and delusional on so many levels. If you could only hear yourself. You are a typical know-it-all Democrat who understands nothing but what he has been brainwashed to believe. Sad.

  • This president is spending much less than GWB and GHWB, Reagan and even Clinton. See the charts! Hannity is paid to lie and has extreme Romnesia when it comes to who put this country into massive deficit. Two unnecessary unfunded wars, Trillions of dollars in tax breaks for folks who don't need them, a bloated defense budget ( more than the next 12 civilized nations combined). Continuous bogus investigations looking for scandal on the taxpayer dime, working only 100 days a year and 1/3 of that raising campaign funds, obstructing in order to waste valuable legislative time so the administration can't get all of it's agenda passed if anything gets passed at all. Holding this country's economy hostage over every issue, debt ceiling, fiscal cliff (created crisis), deficit reduction, Sequester (created crisis), trying to bankrupt the USPS in order to privatize it and run it for profit ( We pay double what the rest of the world pays for Health Care). Cutting education and aid to education, head start, placing American Students at an extreme disadvantage in the world job market, saddle them with over 100,000 in tuition debt and try to double the interest rate.
      This is what is placing our kids into debt. Hannity is a first class Asswipe and lies for a living. Faux News is well known as being dishonest and borderline insane in their ideas. They promote ridiculous conspiracy theories like PBO was behind the Sandy Hook Killings so he can take our guns away. Anyone who watches Faux and believes any of this needs counseling.