Florida Dems statement on flip-flopper Rick Scott's about-face on Medicaid expansion: "He can’t be trusted."


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Here is what Florida's Democratic Party had to say about this:

Three years and tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars later -- after opposing and stalling health care reform at every turn -- Rick Scott today announced his latest stunning about-face: he will accept the expansion of Medicaid under the health law, as supported by 62-percent of Floridians.

Statement from Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant:

"Today, following President Obama's lead and the overwhelming will of Floridians, Rick Scott finally abandoned his crusade to block affordable health care for Florida's families and accepted the expansion of Medicaid. We hope and expect that Republicans like Rep. Will Weatherford and Sen. Don Gaetz, who have stood with Scott to consistently stall its implementation, will soon follow suit. 

"Three years of staunch opposition and tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars later, embattled Governor Rick Scott today flip-flopped on the central issue which has defined his political career. This stunning about-face is merely the latest move to repackage a Governor whose approval rating with Floridians remains as toxic as his Tea Party agenda. But Scott’s election year makeover on issue after issue is fooling no one and simply underscores his central problem: he can’t be trusted."

They nailed it, and they nailed it because they know him all too well.

Remember who signed into law the bill that was behind at least 201,000 not voting in Florida because of frustration with long lines and then said, hey, don’t blame me for that lousy election law, I only signed it!

Remember who ducked gun safety questions from CNN’s Soledad O’Brien.

Remember who signed a bill downsizing the state’s Department of Health and closing the A.G. Holley State Hospital that had treated the most difficult tuberculosis cases for over 60 years.

Remember whose mandatory welfare applicant drug testing cost taxpayers more than it saved.

Remember who is waging a war on women.

Remember who provided no money for the disabled, but plenty for personalized Florida “Welcome” signs.

Remember under whose leadership, Columbia/HCA committed major Medicare fraud.

He absolutely, positively cannot be trusted. In fact, he should be booted out, and with any luck,he will be.