Poll-itics: Congress approval at 15%. Shhhh... They're in recess, they'll never know!


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Republicans' approval ratings of Congress edged up to 12% from 6% in January, while Democrats' ratings also were up slightly, from 15% to 19%. [...]

The overall average for congressional job approval since Gallup began measuring it almost 40 years ago is 33%, meaning that Congress' image is in significantly worse shape now than it has been throughout most of the last four decades.

Further, Americans' approval of Congress continues to be much lower than their approval of President Obama.

No surprise there, as I noted in Sequester schmequester: House GOP votes to recess for the week. Senate, too. Congress's approval numbers have been as low as 9%, so 15% is an improvement... although they're averaging around 15.6%.

Gee, some of those abysmal numbers couldn't be due to all that GOP obstruction and "reinventing" could it?

Jonathan Chait:

"Obama has been offering to reduce spending on Social Security and Medicare for two years now, in return for Republican agreement to spread the burden of the fiscal adjustment. They won't take the deal... if Republicans want to reform their party's identity and make it into something other than absolutist advocacy of low taxes for the rich, they need to come up with some negotiating position on fiscal issues other than 'no tax hikes for the rich of any kind no matter what we get in return.'"