PhotOH! San Francisco Says "No" to Keystone XL tar sands Pipeline


tar sands dirtiest oil on earth

Tar Sands Pipelines won’t bring the dirtiest oil on earth TO America, they bring it THROUGH America.

A whole lot of people agree:

Big fat major credit goes to @wizardkitten for these. We are posting them with permission.

Her post is here. Please read it:

Some choice shots from the Forward on Climate Keystone protest in San Francisco that drew over 4,000 today. ... Tens of thousands across America raised their voices in concern.

She also linked to this information at HuffPo:

A Nebraska utility says the new route for a proposed oil pipeline that would carry Canadian crude oil through the state will delay work on electric transmission lines for the pipeline. Nebraska Public Power District officials said they won't be able to build the transmission lines by the deadline TransCanada set for the end of 2014.

NPPD Chief Operating Officer Tom Kent said there's no way the transmission lines will be ready by 2015, the Columbus Telegram reported. [...]

Environmentalists oppose the project because they worry the pipeline could contaminate groundwater reserves and threaten ecologically sensitive areas in Nebraska and other states along its 1,700-mile path.

Here's a link to some photos of the DC protest.

And here are more PHOTOS: 35,000 Protesters Demand Immediate Climate Action At ‘Largest Climate Rally In U.S. History’

One argument for the pipeline project is, of course, profit. However, all the money in the world is meaningless if 1) nobody is around to enjoy it, and 2) it's spent on health care that will become increasingly necessary to treat symptoms and diseases resulting from a toxic environment.

The “Earth may be near tipping point.” However, we know why the GOP insists that there’s no climate change. Nevertheless, the GOP insists on pushing a dangerous project like Keystone despite the fact that it would create very few long term jobs, gas prices would increase, dependence on foreign oil would not lessen, and Bill McKibben and NASA’s Jim Hansen both warn that it would be “essentially game over for the climate” if this crackpot project gets the go ahead.

This is a potentially catastrophic project, and once in awhile, it would be nice if people trumped profits, if human lives and health concerns trumped corporate interests, and if *real* pro-life attitudes trumped political "pro-life" bull pucky.