Gov. Scott Walker's budget: Planned Parenthood closes 4 locations; funds school vouchers, charter schools "leaving public schools on life support"


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Gov. Scott Walker's been a busy little bee.  And by busy little bee, I mean he's destroying lives again: Planned Parenthood announces it'll close 4 of 27 locations in Wisconsin, blames Scott Walker's budget cuts:

Planned Parenthood said Monday it will close four of its 27 locations in Wisconsin... between April and July due to a lack of state funding.

Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican cronies in the legislature eliminated public funding for low-income and uninsured patients seeking reproductive health care at Planned Parenthood, the largest provider in the state, because some of its clinics offer abortions.

No war on women, GOP? Really? Two thousand low-income residents will now have to schlep to other counties, drive up to an hour, in order to get what they need to stay alive: cancer screenings, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and other women's health services. How's that for "pro-life"?

but wait there's more

Via JSOnline, we see Scotty's not only trying to bust unions, but he's also making it harder on children, including special needs children, to access public education:

Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to increase funding for voucher and public charter schools as well as his plan to create a new stream of funding to allow special-needs children to attend private schools drew immediate criticism Sunday from the state's largest teacher union, public school advocates and a major disability rights group. [...]

Mary Bell, president of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state's largest teacher union, said... "The stagnant revenue on top of the largest cuts to education funding in Wisconsin history in the last budget is another clear indication that this governor has no intention of supporting neighborhood schools..." [...]

"(Walker's) real focus is privatizing public education with another infusion of resources to the unaccountable taxpayer-funded private school voucher program while leaving our neighborhood public schools on life support," she added.

State Rep. Sondy Pope, ranking Democrat on the Assembly's Education Committee, said, "These people are trying to starve Wisconsin public schools."

The special-needs vouchers proposal was opposed by the state Department of Public Instruction, disabilities rights groups, and the state school boards association. They will significantly change "the way students with special needs are served." Not to mention the over $20 million for special-needs children "could have been applied to help public schools across the state, not just for the minority of children who could use that taxpayer subsidy to attend a private school," according to Lisa Pugh, public policy coordinator for Disability Rights Wisconsin.

Walker's all heart, isn't he? Always looking out for the little guy. And by "little guy" I mean women and children.

family values my ass



  • The Wall

    My property taxes just went up, as my local school passed a spending referendum.Clearly Temporary Governor Scott Walker defunded education to bolster the standings of charter schools (championed by our defrocked politician Scott Jensen) Yes that is what he is doing now - Fact, not wet dream.While charter schools fail to compete in results with fully funded public schools, the remedy is easy to implement, just cut funding to public schools.Dismantling the public education system is intended to bolster the standings of failing charter schools whose dirty money has bought both fallen and falling politicians. This attack on schools is not about Unions, Wages, Benefits or Politics. It is about rewarding businesses which will soon be leaching from the taxpayers to reap profits while providing a dismal educational experience.

  • The Wall

    Motive? Stripping tax dollars out of the education process."School Vouchers" is a program created to justify using tax dollars to pay for religious classes with tax dollars which is directly blocked by the constitution. They should call it "indirectly funding school prayer with tax dollars" and be truthful for once about their motives. Run by the evidence burning defrocked politician Scott Jensen whose stench permeates this movement.Not to provide a better education for anyone - except the taxpayer who better be noticing by now.

  • Edward50

    I agree, BOYCOTT!  That is the only language the republican wingnuts  understand.  Hit them in the pocketbook.  

  • majii

    I just don't see private schools doing a very good job of educating special needs kids because they have little experience in providing educational services to them due to being able to "screen out" these types of students.  I also see  the small faculty size of these schools as presenting a problem, along with limited funding, even with taxpayer money.  My carpool partner was a special ed teacher of severely impaired students, some of them non verbal, wheelchair bound, unable to use the bathroom by themselves, and unable to feed themselves. This leads me to wonder whether these private schools supported by taxpayers' money will even accept these students that public schools must accept.  Call me a pessimist, but I don't see it happening, and I see some lawsuits being filed by parents of special needs kids with the impairments I cited when their kids are refused enrollment in one of these private schools.       

  • As long as Wisconsin wages war on Shes, we should boycott Wisconsin Cheese #buyCalifornia #rougeEtNoir