Cars v. guns


guns v cars

Via, letters to the editor, Friday February  15, 2013:

At first, James Johnston's letter (Feb. 9) troubled me. Because cars kill more Americans than guns do, he reasoned, cars should be banned before guns are. Come on.

Cars are intended to be safe, whereas guns maim and kill by design. Still, his syllogism may offer a solution to the gun control debate. Although we'll never ban cars nor, alas, guns either, we can and do regulate both to be as safe as possible.

Top-fuel dragsters are prohibited from city streets, so it's likewise reasonable to prohibit large-capacity magazines, rapid fire and various enhancements to otherwise perfectly lethal weapons.

And how about mandatory firearms proficiency certification courses for gun owners (like police officers take)? If you fail to attend, you keep your gun but join a registry of skill-deficient gun owners and pay monthly fines until you renew your competency certificate.


And this:

We keep hearing that that cars kill more people than guns, but this is no longer true in the Northwest.

In 2009, the last year I could find data on this, the numbers in Oregon and Washington were: Oregon deaths from guns: 417, motor vehicles: 394; Washington guns: 623, cars: 580, according to an analysis by the Violence Policy Center.


H/t: Pigboy

  • pigboy

    Oh, geez..... If I had a gun I am sure I'd forget it somewhere and the thought of accidently wounding Pumpkin kitty is too much. And I think I am getting rid of the top fuel dragster. It's only good for a quarter mile before it runs out of gas 🙂
    Have a great day and thanks for the great website.

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    : ) No tickets allowed! And no guns!

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  •  : ) No tickets allowed! And no guns!

  • pigboy

    Way cool 🙂

    Now I think I will hop into my top fuel dragster and go to the store 🙂

    Should be there in a couple of seconds!

    That is unless some police officer decides to infringe on my right 😉

  • Person

    Thank you for this chart.  I would like to see it everywhere.