VIDEO: "We've been told not to be in Congress. Speaker Boehner controls the agenda... and he sent us home."


What a Boehner smaller

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Your tax dollars at work:

Ed Schultz and his guests Reps. Jerry Nadler, Sheila Jackson Lee, and John Garamendi helped to clarify, again, how Republicans are trying to cut, cut, cut their way into another recession, are willing to take us straight to the bottom with sequestration, are threatening to destroy (privatize) "the Big Three": Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and head-scratchingly voted to recess for several days instead of doing what they were elected to do: find ways to create jobs and provide for the health and welfare of their fellow Americans.


"They're headed towards another manufactured disaster."

If the GOP has its way, up to a million jobs could be eliminated. We've already cut the deficit in half in record time, which as Nadler (among others) points out, happened a little too quickly for comfort. When things move this fast, there is a real danger of more, not fewer, job losses.


"Where's the sense of urgency here? What are you doing on vacation?"


"Well, we've been told not to be... in Congress. Speaker Boehner controls the agenda, controls the calendar for the House of Representatives, and he sent us home. The Democrats... voted not to go home, but to stay and work next week."

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