VIDEO: "Wayne LaPierre & NRA exist to make you think of anything other than gunmakers when you feel outraged by gun violence."


NRA spent on 2012  elections

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Rachel Maddow is bringing something very important to our attention, something that not enough of us may be aware of: Wayne LaPierre is a rodeo clown whose job it is to distract us:

"They're taking the fight to the industry. They're following the money. And if you're [Wayne LaPierre], that's very bad news indeed, right?"

"Ever wonder why everything he says seems increasingly inflammatory? It's not that he's dumb. It's not that he doesn't know what is going to upset you when you listen to a speech or a sound bite from him."

"The National Rifle Association exists to bug you. The National Rifle Association exists to make you think of him, to make you pay attention to him, and to the NRA instead of to the industry that pays the NRA to be their heat shield."

"Nobody knows the name of the CEOs of the manufacturing companies in this country that make guns. Nobody knows who runs the various gun companies and the various accessories companies."

"Who makes those extended magazines anyway? Nobody knows who those guys are, but everybody knows who Wayne LaPierre is. He wants you to hate him. That's his job."

"Wayne LaPierre and the NRA exist to make you think of anything other than the makers of guns when you feel outraged by gun violence. That's their jobs, to be a heat shield, to deflect the flame of public anger over gun violence so those flames never reach the people who are really monetarily invested in there being no gun reform in this country. That is how the game has been played."

"But we are now seeing signs that that is not how this game is going to be played any more. The NRA is a scarlet letter in some elections now. They are becoming less of a distraction from the real politics of the gun industry, and what it might take to change things in this country."

"They keep saying that this is one area of policy where things can't change, but this is changing."

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