Video- On Fox, Steve Hayes Refuses To Deny Benghazi Conspiracy Theory, Then Forwards Another Conspiracy


Via MM.

  • Consider this! The right wing has their panties in a bunch because after a consulate in a foreign country was attacked the state department didn't have possession of every fact . In spite of the fact that Benghazi officials, police and investigators had the scene virtually tied up and the locals were not in agreement about what happened. With violent protests happening throughout the region over that very same movie I don't think we could have ruled it out. 
    Susan Rice spoke to the points given to her from our intelligence agencies. This is what we had at the time and she said that.
     Now consider that 3000 Americans were killed on our soil with American Commercial Airliners and it took the Bush Administration 15 days to figure out what happened, and they did not have to cut through the red tape or slight cooperation of a foreign police force, intelligence agency or government. They had free reign over the investigation. Condi Rice said that we couldn't have known about the attack because her information was too vague, while we had prisoners telling us they were learning to fly planes as bombs 6 months before 9/11. No one notified the airlines or the flight schools to look out for this kind of activity.Then we invaded Iraq when 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, stating unequivocally, that Iraq was responsible, and that they had WMD.  Now it is known that W had intentions to invade Iraq before 9/11. So someone please tell me which of these scenarios smells more like botched Foreign Policy, conspiracy to instigate a war, gross incompetence at the NSA, and an overall bungling of Foreign Affairs because by bringing down Saddam W made Iran the big boy on the block without any balance in the region. 
      The truth is that the GOP wants to just plain eat up valuable time so that the congress is tied up with re-litigating Benghazi over and over and no legislation takes place at all. They even have the gall to press Chuck Hagel about it when he had nothing to do with Benghazi. It's ridiculous, petty, partisan and un-patriotic.

  • kimbutgar

    My conspiracy theory is that petraus dropped the ball on this to embarrass the president during the election. Notice how rmoney was out in front the first day making this a polticial issue for his presidential campaign. This whole Benghazi thing always sounded manufactured. I wouldn't put past rogue bush holdovers set this up. They can't let this go and no matter how much they scream only the fauxbot care nobody else.

  • JimmyPete

    What the F, what does it matter, what alot of BS even the  Fox questioner is incredulous. This is a manufactured non-scandal,