VIDEO: Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton Demands a Plan for her daughter Hadiya


Hadiya Pendleton

Via Demand a Plan:

Hadiya Pendleton performed at President Obama's inauguration in January. Just a week later, she was shot and killed in Chicago. Sign the petition below and Demand a Plan from Congress to end the gun violence that kills 33 Americans every day.

Please go here to sign the petition.

More about Hadiya via her godfather who filled us in on what makes Hadiya Pendleton so important.

  • First, Donald, you are hereby banned from this site for breaking our guidelines.  And you have been edited.

    But because you've proved yourself to be an ignorant, insensitive bigot, I thought I'd provide you with facts about what you call "gun free" Chicago:

  • Oh really your kid got shot in Chicago, A GUN FREE CITY... That's right
    bitch, Sit down nobody wants you hear your crying money fueled rant how
    less guns will make us safer... MY GUN SAVED MY LIFE..... Maybe your
    daughter should have been armed,, might have saved her life. SSoo go
    cash that check they payed you and bask in the glory that your just
    another sell out..

  •  Good one Pigboy!

  • That's incredibly powerful. I was especially struck by the image of Hadiya in the coffin. That's going to haunt me for a long time, and many times it does take images like that to spur people to action. 

    I'm so sorry for Hadiya and her parents, she had such a promising future. We owe the families of those lost some basic reforms. 

  • pigboy

    Letters to the editor. Oregonian, Friday February  15, 2013

    At first, James Johnston's letter (Feb. 9) troubled me. Because cars kill more Americans than guns do, he reasoned, cars should be banned before guns are. Come on.

    Cars are intended to be safe, whereas guns maim and kill by design. Still, his syllogism may offer a solution to the gun control debate. Although we'll never ban cars nor, alas, guns either, we can and do regulate both to be as safe as possible.

    Top-fuel dragsters are prohibited from city streets, so it's likewise reasonable to prohibit large-capacity magazines, rapid fire and various enhancements to otherwise perfectly lethal weapons.
    And how about mandatory firearms proficiency certification courses for gun owners (like police officers take)? If you fail to attend, you keep your gun but join a registry of skill-deficient gun owners and pay monthly fines until you renew your competency certificate.
    BRUCE TOIEN Sherwood

    We keep hearing that that cars kill more people than guns, but this is no longer true in the Northwest.

    In 2009, the last year I could find data on this, the numbers in Oregon and Washington were:

    Oregon deaths from guns: 417, motor vehicles: 394;

     Washington guns: 623, cars: 580,

    according to an analysis by the Violence Policy Center.
    BILL PFEIFER Vancouver