Video- Fox Suggests Raising The Minimum Wage Is Part Of Obama's Secret Socialist Plan


Jeebus, you really do have to wonder what they boogeyma version of President Obama looks like. Via.

  • Judi is right! Anyone who would remotely believe any of this purely invented crap from "Bullshit Mountain" needs a ┬ámental health exam. If you prefer to work for 8 bucks an hour with no healthcare, no holidays, no pension, no right to join a union, then keep listening to the crap coming from this, so called, News Network. Your children's future depends upon your knowing the facts and protecting them from being treated like Serfs in the "Richest Nation On Earth"
    This is all about the rich getting richer by keeping workers down, inflating their bottom line by downsizing, outsourcing and busting Unions. This is not what built America. Read people, stay on top of these issues because the Koch Brothers have an agenda for this Nation that will make Communist Russia look like Disneyland.

  • What a load of crap.....I can't even WATCH this garbage anymore.....