Elizabeth Warren speaks truth to power on her first day on the Banking Committee


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Via the Facebook page New York Communities for Change:

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke truth to power at her first Banking Committee hearing when none of the witnesses could give an example of the last time a Wall Street Bank was taken to trial. LIKE & SHARE if you want Senator Warren to be your valentine!

There are so few Congress members who are truly willing and able to use their voices so clearly on our behalf, and who would take risks for us by confronting those who so many others are either beholden to, cowed by, or both.

Warren killed it. Again.

Ironically, Politico is reporting that Warren is staying out of the spotlight the way Hillary Clinton did (and Al Franken, come to think of it). But keeping a low public profile is quite different that making herself heard loudly and clearly when it comes to direct challenges:

"Since taking office, Warren has kept the lowest of profiles, speaking only to select Massachusetts media outlets while shutting out the national press save for a smattering of interviews, most notably with the liberal-friendly Huffington Post. For a left-leaning icon and national media darling, the role of silent senator is a sharp departure from her rousing campaign and outspoken consumer advocacy."