VIDEO-- Nancy Pelosi: John Boehner is projecting his own failure onto President Obama



Nancy Pelosi nailed it. As Rachel Maddow has noted repeatedly, VIDEO: “John Boehner is, in fact, bad at his job”:

“Nancy Pelosi never lost a vote. She never once got so confused and lost such control of the group she was supposed to be leading that she did not know what they were going to do… She was good at her job. John Boehner is not good at his job.”

John Boehner is, in fact, bad at his job.”

He is so bad, in fact, that he has resorted to projecting his own baditude onto the president. Of course, he also fails to acknowledge that Obama has been blocked at every turn by Republicans in the House and the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi:

"I don’t understand that, because he’s a gentleman, the speaker is. But that remark was -- I mean, it was almost as if he was projecting onto the president his lack of being able to pass any bill that created jobs since he became speaker."

Chris Cuomo:

"You think the speaker is projecting onto the president his own failure?"


"Exactly... Because he hasn't been able to deal with his own party. There isn't anything that he passed that we haven't delivered the votes for him that has been job-creating."

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