Photo Wall of Shame- The 22 Republican Senators That Voted Against Violence Against Women Act



Graphic via TP, list from TPM. Read 'em and don't weep. If they're your Senator, work to get them out.

The 22 Republicans who voted against it were Sens. John Barrasso (WY), Roy Blunt (MO), John Boozman (AR), Tom Coburn (OK), John Cornyn (TX), Ted Cruz (TX), Mike Enzi (WY), Lindsey Graham (SC), Chuck Grassley (IA), Orrin Hatch (UT), James Inhofe (OK), Mike Johanns (NE), Ron Johnson (WI), Mike Lee (UT), Mitch McConnell (KY), Rand Paul (KY), Jim Risch (ID), Pat Roberts (KS), Marco Rubio (FL), Tim Scott (SC), Jeff Sessions (AL) and John Thune (SD).

  • It's only fitting that Dry Mouth Rubio should lead this pack of Charlatans, who fear monger about Sharia Law and, at the same time, dismantle women's rights at every turn. Rubio proved that he is just another Talking Head in Washington on Tuesday, pontificating about the American Dream while holding it under his heel. Block VAWA, Equal Pay Act for women, Access to Healthcare for women, ignoring Rampant Rape in the Military, Blocking the Dream Act, Suppressing the vote, pushing Right to Work For Less, chipping away relentlessly at the Social Safety Net which includes many programs for poor children while professing his love for them, and his passionate wish for them to succeed. 
      What has this party done for America in the last12 years? Increased wage disparity to the largest in the world (workers wages frozen while CEO salaries increased by 275%, all while the cost of living continues to go up), allowed Bankers to rape our economy by stripping away much needed regulation to keep the greedy Bastards honest, starting unnecessary wars costing Trillions of dollars while, at the same time, cutting taxes on the wealthiest Americans with the promise of creating jobs. We should be swimming in jobs after 12 years of the lowest taxes since WWII. Trickle Down didn't work for Reagan and it isn't working now. To rename it Supply Side Economics won't make it work either. It's insanity to continue to try the same failed approach over and over in the hopes that it will provide a different outcome. They claim to be the party of Big Ideas, where are they? They prefer to stand on the sidelines, block everything (over 300 Filibusters last term) and then criticise POTUS for not doing enough. They are too ignorant to realize how transparent they are. Claim to be changing their ways,  while they continue to try to rig elections, suppress the vote ( hurting the very people they claim to want to take into their fold (Blacks and Latinos ,stripping them of the most basic right while expounding on how they want them to succeed), make it impossible for woman to receive all the healthcare they deserve as citizens, refuse to protect them against Rape and Violence (which is a basic right "Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness)
     They couldn't be more irrelevant, irresponsible, intransigent and ignorant, and this will be their undiong.

  • Jon Stewart said it best - Douchebags of Liberty

  • David G

    Many of these gentlemen seem to feel they're impermeable to voter recoil over their onerous  actions today.  We'll see.  Wonder how popular Rubio becomes with women. His cuteness will be overlooked when they see how little respect he has for women. DG