GOP is unbalanced. But then, we already knew that


election rigging scheme, GOP electoral college plan gerrymandering Via Think Progress

Per a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 52% of Americans have a favorable view of President Obama's policies that he's proposed for the next four years.

But 55% think that the plans the GOP will be brewing during the president's second term are not their cup o' tea. Gee, can't imagine why; their party is so, you know, inclusive and goes out of its way to embrace all Americans. And by all Americans I mean guns. And white people. And corporations. Hey, guns and people are corporations, too.

One of the things that inclusive, embrace-y Republican-led states has produced is redistricting, as I've posted about repeatedly. In fact, you can see all of those posts here.

As if we needed proof, that practice has resulted in those states becoming redder than ever. And by redder I mean cheating their way into future GOP election victories.


The New York Times notes that due to redistricting, seven states had a "severe imbalance" between their popular vote and the party makeup of their House delegations: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

All but Arizona were tilted in favor of the Republicans.