Cartoons of the Day- Pope Benedict Abdicates






  • SusanJay

    I say again, no cartoonist will insult a Jewish or a Muslim personage in this fashion.     You like it because it buys into YOUR feeling:   not being a "fan" of RCC or Popes and because you feel strongly about the RCC pedophilia coverups (which are offensive to me too, I hasten to add) ... and because you believe, apparently, that it's about 'feelings'.   It's not, really.    People can't allow one institution (or race, or creed, or sexuality) to be the target of offensive writings/drawings.   It's unjust, for one, and it's dangerous.   


  • Paddy

     Sorry you feel that way. I'm not concerned about the feeling of people who cover up
    pedophilia, and having grown up in the RCC, not a fan of Popes.  BTW, IMHO the first bubble is spot on.

  • SusanJay

    The first cartoon is needlessly offensive & is actually disgusting.    Every "joke" is nothing but an insult.    No noteworthy Jewish, or Muslim, personage, could be insulted like this, and the cartoonist just get away with it, ha ha, so funny.    There'd be firings; riots, death threats.   Yet it's the Catholic Church in the middle ages?