WTF Did Major Garrett Just Tweet?



Either he got hacked or he's someone I don't want to mess with when he's ticked. Of course, it has since been deleted.

  • Phil Perspective

     I wonder why he bothered to delete it.  Look at the stats on just the short time it was up.  That doesn't even count the times it was RT'ed with people adding their own commentary on Major's faux pas.

  • If so, I'll bet it wasn't his shirt . . .

  •  That was covered, too. But to be fair to him, we have to allow for hacking since no facts had come out at the time of this posting.

  • Why is it when somebody shows their true colors it falls on the "he must have been hacked" line? Maybe the guy is a real hothead.

  • Paddy

     MWAH!!! I haven't seen you in sooo long! Very glad to see the snark! She off to college yet?

  • MutherBear

    I'm picturing a frantic dive for the DelEscSTOP key, accompanied by a panicked cry of, "Oh, SHIRT!!! I wasn't posting from DM, was I?!?!?"

  • LOL, that must have been some big stain.

  • Dennis Pool

    Sounds like he's pretty mad at his dry cleaner. . .