Monday Links


Bad Vintage Postcards Between 1950 And 1975

Doctor day for both of us, but it looks like we should have guest bloggers to cover.

Not exactly vintage! Hilariously bad postcards from the 1950s that wouldn't make ANYONE want to visit

I bet this guy wishes his airbag hadn't deployed

Video- How Belgium's chocolate postage stamps were made

NC State Students Divided Over ‘Dirty Bingo’ Event Featuring Butt Plugs as Prizes (NSFW)

Tattoo calls for help when you fall ill and researchers believe it could be coming to an arm near you soon

Watch: Commuters, a short film documenting a year on the NYC subway through photographs

British firm microchipping musical instruments

Best and worst things to buy in February

Could this 'Star Trek' headband help banish migraines?

Phone app 'translates' newspapers for kids