La Cucaracha: "Those aren't 'wounds,' they're 'freedom holes'!"



A major advantage of having a Twitter pal like the wonderful Lalo Alcaraz (@LaloAlcaraz) is that he generously shares his work with us.

Here’s today’s La Cucaracha:

la cucaracha shootings

Sometimes it only takes six words to make a point. Lalo managed to do just that as he pointed out the irrational, yet oft-used "freedom" message coming from gun zealots.

What about our freedom to minimize the number of massacres?

What about our freedom to live and breathe, "pro-lifers"?

What about the freedom not be gunned down by killers with high capacity magazines and military-style rifles?

What about the freedom to feel safe while hanging out with our friends?

What about the freedom to express an opinion on common sense gun safety and oversight without being viciously attacked?

What about the freedom from gun "enthusiasts" who insist someone is going after their Second Amendment rights when, in fact, nobody is doing that?