An emboldened Alan Grayson makes "the biggest comeback in history of the House"



I've missed Alan Grayson the way John McCain misses the spotlight if he fails to make it onto a Sunday talk show.

Now that Grayson's back, I am relishing his Congressional presence and candor the way Dick Morris relishes toes. (Too far? Bygones.)

Roll Call:

Grayson said the House historian informed him the victory, a 43-point swing from his 2010 loss, was the biggest comeback in history of the House.

His lesson from the experience is to press on, full steam ahead.

Here's what he had to say about the GOP:

“They love the taste of blood. They’re consistently pro-war, consistently pro-killing foreigners. They view the entire world as either a massive inconvenience or something they feel is a personal threat. One or the other. They don’t recognize the world as full of human beings.”

Aw come on, Alan, don't hold back.

Love him or not, he's hard to ignore, he's straightforward, he certainly doesn't b.s. around. I personally admire his bluntness and feel that he makes great points in a memorable way while others are too timid, hypocritical, or beholden to their donors to take principled stands on any given issue.

Does he ever cross the line? Maaaybe, but so does pretty much everyone in politics, plus, he has a much greater track record of saying the right things at the right time.

President Obama aside, Alan Grayson and Elizabeth Warren were my biggest sighs of relief last November.

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