Mark Sanford: If you say God forgives you, then cheating on your wife and lying to America shouldn't matter any more


god on phone

Who knew there was a statute of limitations on being disqualified from running in elections when you're a lying, sneaky, philandering hypocrite who isn't fit to hold office?

According to the disgraced Mark Sanford, all you need to do is convince everyone that God whispered, shouted, texted, or tweeted his forgiveness and you're home free. Didn't Newt Gingrich already use that one? Yeah, he did, and then he ran for president. And then he lost.

But that won't stop C-Streeter Mark.

To recap, he’s the former South Carolina governor whose Appalachian Trail led him straight to political hell. But hey, he’s still with his Argentine “soul mate” and fiancé, María Belén Chapur and has avoided criminal charges following an ethics investigation, so everything is just dandy... especially now that he's convinced himself that his god decided he can be the “family values” guy who Republicans will actually trust and vote for again...

... against Stephen Colbert’s sister.


“I’m not in any way unaware of how I’ve let you down. I’m not in any way unaware of my well-chronicled failings as a human being,” Sanford told a Hilton Head Island Republican group last week, in the first public speech of his campaign. “But I am equally aware that God forgives people who are imperfect.”

Thanks largely to his sky-high name ID, Sanford, who spent eight years as governor and six years in Congress, is the early favorite in a crowded field  [...]

Crisscrossing South Carolina’s Lowcountry, Sanford is presenting himself to voters as an open book, willing to answer any questions they might still have about his fall from grace. He sent a letter to voters last week acknowledging that he “failed miserably in my personal life at the end of my term as governor” and inviting people to reach him on his personal cell phone number or email, which were both listed.

Hey, come on people, he apologized. He's an open book-- now. People goof. Give the guy a break. After all, he said his “personal storm,” gave him a new perspective on public service, and that his "misfortune" has given him an"added level of reflection, of empathy," so what's not to like?

Again, it's not so much the infidelity as it is the hypocrisy. This is the holier-than-thou, "family values" C-Street guy whose ethics are a loose as his pants, and who is once again using his religious beliefs to get ahead.

Then again, if David Vitter-- who favors corporations over sexual assault victims; who wants to defund Planned Parenthood; who was subpoenaed by the D.C. Madam and who has a diaper fetish-- can reinvent himself, anyone can.

  • Hang in there, GottaLaff. If AFV is going to close his eyes to Sanford's hypocrisy, you won't be able to open them with a crowbar.

  • Jonathan Quarg

    The fact Stanford lied to his staff, left the country, left his governorship, without notice, to see his mistriss should be considered as a breach of national security and barred from office forever.

  •  Apparently you didn't read it well enough. I threw Newt in there because of the "God forgave me" crap.  I never said why he was thrown out, so not sure what that's about.

    Again, I made a big point of saying cheating wasn't the reason, hypocrisy was. Why is that difficult to grasp?

  • AFV

    No I read what you wrote. You listed his indiscretions and threw in Newt Gingrich. Newt was removed from his seat in the house because he couldn't balance his own checkbook, not philandering, and he lost in the primaries because he's dumb. If every man who cheated on his wife was automatically disqualified for public service where would we be now?

  • Apparently you didn't read the whole post. I never said that. I went out of my way to say it wasn't the cheating, it was the hypocrisy.

    Oh and then there's that whole disappearing thing.

  • Jennifer Fiche

    My vote for stupidest internet comment, February 2013

  • AFV

    Why does cheating on a wife make someone "unfit"? Bill Clinton is considered a good president. JFK still seen as one of the best. Who Sanford has sex with doesn't negate his political acumen and labeling him as unfit doesn't mean much from a blogger.

  • afisher

       The BS is funny - God forgives so voter's should also?   In RW world, "god" is often their get out of jail card - which I see as pandering to a specific group...but then I don't live there.  The question is will SC voter's ignore is irresponsible acts and make it the "new normal"?

  • mc1964

    I don't see why this is a surprise to anyone. Voters are notoriously forgiving
    of politicians who wave a bible around. 

  • Bink Binkerson

    Yeah, for a sitting governor to just silently disappear to Buenos Aires for some quality time with that hottie, that's serious dereliction of duty.    Morals aside (go for it, big boy!), this guy is political dead meat.   What a fool.

  • It never mattered to me who he screws--that's between him and his wife--but when he snuck off for nooky he didn't tell anyone where he--the governor of this state---was, in fact he lied about it.   That proves him too irresponsible to hold office.