What happens when a city-sponsored parade is privatized? LGBT groups get banned.


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This story covers two topics that we here at TPC have been all over: Gay rights and privatization. What happens when you combine the two and privatize a formerly city-sponsored event? LGBT groups get banned.

Discrimination is alive and well in Orange County, California.

L.A. Times:

The growing friction between Vietnamese LGBT groups hoping to march in Sunday's Tet parade and resistant organizers of the Lunar New Year event has exposed a deeper cultural struggle over gay rights in Orange County's sprawling immigrant community.

For three years, LGBT activists have participated in the colorful gathering in Little Saigon, but this year — with the event shifting from city sponsorship to private hands — they have been rebuffed and quietly told to make a "sacrifice" and stay away, members said.

The silver lining?

Some LGBT members are invited to join other entries already approved to march in the parade, including the Union of Vietnamese Student Assns. of Southern California and the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce. Others intend to line Bolsa Avenue, the main thoroughfare in Little Saigon and the designated parade route, and make their presence known with signs thanking supporters.

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