"It's called the U.S. Postal Service because it is a service, not a corporation."


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But this issue is one that MUST get more attention. Please call your Congress members and share this post.

post office cartoon david horseyDavid Horsey is one of my favorite political cartoonists.

His full take (Postal Service dying from 1,000 cuts and a GOP stab in the back) is at the link, as is this poll:

post office poll

Here is today's L.A. Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter, and this sums things up pretty well:

Re "Saturday mail delivery slated to end in August," Feb. 7

It's called the U.S. Postal Service because it is a service, not a corporation. Who decided the Postal Service must be profitable? Do other government agencies, like the Defense Department and the Department of Education, have to turn a profit?

Benjamin Franklin was the first postmaster general, and the Post Office has effectively served the American people for 237 years. But now it is under attack because, gasp, it's losing money. No wonder: The Republicans in 2006 made postal workers pre-fund their retirement 75 years in advance, making it nearly impossible for the USPS to make a profit.

Let's be honest: Conservatives want to privatize the Postal Service, home to two of the nation's largest unions. If Congress insists that the USPS be profitable (and it shouldn't), then the solution is simple: Raise the price of stamps a few cents.

Arlen Grossman


Well said.

Of course, the GOP would rather we Americans don't communicate with each other, because when we do, we discover more about their party.

Now to more fully understand what's going on, here are two excellent Ed Schultz segments. Last night's (the second video) included some great insights into how "Real America" will be affected:

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Sarah Palin. She called it "Real America." Look at the 2012 election map. Look at all that red that's there. That's "Real America," isn't it? That's Republican territory, or what Republicans like to call Real America. That's where Republicans are elected year after year.

And it's the area that's going to be hit hardest by the restructuring of the post office. A restructuring crisis created by the very Republicans elected in Real America.

Now, while many Americans, 'ehhh you'll shrug off the postal service's decision to suspend Saturday service delivery,' the consequences, my friends, could be devastating. Not just that we're going to lose 22,500 jobs that are at stake, but the postal service has already started to close, or drastically reduce hours of operation at 13,000 rural offices across Real America.

Many rural communities that are Republican, that have less than reliable access to the Internet, depend on the post office to send mail to do business and are going to be faced with shorter hours at the post office, meaning business is going to get hurt.

It's going to be less competitive. Many people think that companies like FedEx and UPS, oh they'll just come in and fill the gaps. They are wrong. It's estimated that about 30% of FedEx ground shipments are actually delivered by who? The United States Postal Service. Why? Because it's cheaper for UPS and FedEx to make the postal service deliver to Real America.

You see, the post office is required by law to provide universal delivery, regardless of geography and regardless of whether or not they're going to make a profit. It's a big service for America. This is a rights issue. This is more not so much about convenience, this is about what you in Real America voted for: Tea Party America.

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