Friday Links



We're both seeing doctors today about our illnesses, so once again, we beg your indulgence with our lite posting.

Here today... Artist who rakes amazing patterns on to the beach and then watches tide wash his creations away

Grateful Dead Kennedys t-shirt

Video- Can testosterone make you live longer?

Binge-viewing is transforming the television experience

Couples who have noisy sex really DO have more fun in the bedroom

Campaign against female genital mutilation gaining ground support, results

Photos- Richard III: The twisted bones that reveal a king

What does the world look like when you're color blind?

Doctors warn about worrying rise in DIY penis implants which could lead to fatal infections

That's indispensable! Vibrating pen lets you know when you make a spelling or grammar mistake

World's largest prime number discovered, all 17 million digits

How bizarre fake spy trees appeared in no-man’s land during WWI (and killed hundreds of soldiers)

Mary Leakey: Matriarch to three generations of archaeology royalty

Why sorry is the hardest word to say: How refusing to apologise 'boosts our self-esteem'