Notice of Sparse Posting



Both GottaLaff and myself are having health issues today that will need to be followed up by doctor visits tomorrow, so we ask for your patience if posting is light. We'll be back to our usual snarky posting soon. Thank you.

  • Pelu Maad

    I'll try to help with the "snarky" until you get back. Meanwhile....heavy vitamin C.....

  • bob timmerman

    Wishing you both all the best.  Sorry to come over here and find my favorite bloggers feeling poorly...

    Take a few days and come back stronger than ever!

  • pigboy

    Sorry to hear you both are still out of it. I had somthing similar in my lungs last year. I swear I thought it would never end.

    So take care and rest as best you can. 

    Be well Gotta and Paddy.

  • Paddy

     It's so f'd. Both of us with emergency situations this morning and we didn't know the other one was because of the time dif. Gotta's will probably take a little bitter longer than mine, hopefully the ophthalmologist will zap this crud tomorrow. Thanks for the positive vibes.

  • skippy

    get better soon paddy. i had a lung infection since november, coughing up crap continuously til my pulminologist gave me some massive inhaltion meds. there's plenty of bugs going around, get well soon!

  • Linda1961

    Hope the both of you feel better soon. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

  • My two brats are 10 & 13 years old and they both had a sedated dental on Tuesday ......... and the ten year old was diagnosed with pancreatitis, so he's going in every evening for sub-Q fluids.

    Don't ask why I'm wearing shoes that are held together with duct tape ;^)

  • Feel better you two!!!   I really do enough myself to cover both of you - don't diss  me now 😉

  • Paddy

     I shall refrain from giving my cooties. Thank you.

  • Paddy

     Man, don't remind me about the dogs. Between all the co-pays I'm going to be doling out the next couple days and the dogs due their yearlys in March....

  • {{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}} you two.  Yes, I'm risking infection but it's worth it. XOXO ;D

  • I hear you ladies ;^)

    Between myself and my two dogs the doctoring schedule gets almost mind numbing at times .......... and tiring.