Random Thoughts: Ari Melber and Joy Ann Reid should co-host their own show


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Random thought of the day:

If you could cast any host(s) for a new political talk show, who would you choose? After observing some of the regulars on the Tee Vee Machine who range from too wonky and boring, to not charismatic enough, to not progressive enough, to why in the world is this person even on TV, I've concluded that I should never watch television again.

No. Wait. That's not what I was going to say at all.

What I was going to say is that if I were a big corporate executive with a ton of money and power and a beckoning slot at 4 pm PT during which Hardball reruns were airing, I'd cast two of my faves: Ari Melber (@AriMelber) and Joy Ann Reid (@TheReidReport).

I've had communication at one time or another with both of them, and they are just as bright and shiny and likable as they are on air. They consistently exude professionalism along with good humor and have perspectives and insights that keep me coming back for more. Nor do they bore me. Nor do I wish they'd lighten up or serious down. Nor do I want to do an Extreme Makeover on either of them. Nor cringe when their names are mentioned.

And when they're on shows together, it works.

Both have subbed for regular hosts on MSNBC, so they're practiced, ready, and good to go. Hence-- and yes, I just wanted to say "hence"-- they should co-host their own show. And please, not at some ungodly hour Pacific time *coughCHRISHAYEScough*

So who would be your choice?

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Here's a tandem random thought: Add Lizz Winstead to the mix. I know her personally and adore her, and her humor, humanity, and wicked sharp analyses have more than earned her a regular spot. And don't get me started on her resume.

Lizz Winstead

  • The idea of Joy Reid & Ari Melber co-hosting an msnbc show is great.....especially now that the 8 pm slot will be open after Thurs. nite.

  • I second the thought of Ari & Joy as co-hosts of an msnbc show......especially now that the 8pm slot is open after Thurs. nite

  • Ditto. Joy Reid and Ari Melber are the best. Been waiting for them to get their own show.
    Come on. Toure and S E Cupp I could do better than those two.

  • MistyDew

    I would love for those two to have their own show. I would love it if they got rid of sipping cup. Aka..S.E. Cupp

  • Yes!  That would be wonderful! They are my two very favorites on msnbc. 🙂