Karl Rove and his super PAC are a-skeered of Ashley Judd


ashley judd kenyan

Check out this $10,000 attack ad buy brought to you by Karl Rove's conservative super PAC American Crossroads. They must be mighty worried to go to all that trouble. The spot mocks Ashley Judd, who is thinking about a Senate run against Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell:

Oh how sweet it would be to see her defeat Mitch "make Obama a one-term president" McConnell.

Ashley Judd responded via her publicist:

WaPo: “Ashley thanks Senator McConnell, Karl Rove, and their negative allies for all the attention as she considers her future political plans, although a decision hasn’t been made yet.”

And thank you for the free press and extra boost in the name recognition department, Karl and Co.

ashley judd worse than kenyan

  • All this did was make me want to vote for her, where as before I didn't know diddly squat about her. Money well spent there Rove. Rove is washed up. His tactics don't work in the modern world.

  • Tennessee would look so much prettier with lots of pictures of Ashley  all around, replacing the lizard face and brains of McConnell.