Video- Ann Coulter: Universal Background Checks Lead To "Universal Confiscation, Universal Extermination"


Hasn't she reached her expiration date yet? Via.

  • This sewer is backed up and needs to be flushed out. She's will do and say anything to keep people fearful about their rights. She's dead wrong about background checks at guns shows. In many states they do not exist. At most, show a licence, wait three days and pick up your weapon. If the seller is aprivate citizen no ID or check required, cash and carry.  I am a firearm collector who believes in regulation, thorough backgroung checks. long waiting periods, no 100 round clips, no 30 round clips.
    The first amendment does not give anyone the right to spew garbage, tell lies, or misrepresent the truth. If yu use Mz. Coulter as a source then you are insane!

  • David G

    Thank God the right wingnuts have such an eloquent speaker representing them like Ann C.  As long as she's their spokesperson, sanity and humanity stand a chance -- because sometimes you have to smell spoiled milk to know it's gone bad.  She's very good with that stink. DG