The U.S. is "now a nation where a handful of people decide who shall live and who shall die."


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Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin (bolding is mine):

For months, the White House has been leaking how President Obama "carefully" reviews a kill list (assassination) of alleged terrorists (and who knows what other troublemakers end up on the potential target list?).   Off-the-record comments (and some on the record) are meant to reassure Americans that the president doesn't take the authorization of kills (with the attendant "collateral damage" of civilians and children if a drone strike) lightly, but seriously contemplates who ends up dead as a sanctioned hit. [...]

The authority Obama has assumed without any legislative or court permission goes well beyond the Bush/Cheney torture protocol; this is a kill list, not just a rendition order. The condemning of a person to death without due legal process, without habeas corpus, violates the Constitution in the most fundamental way.  In doing so, Obama is undercutting and eroding the most basic guarantee in our legal system, at a time when the tide, ironically, is turning against capital punishment in the US. [...]

Disturbing is a word that is an understatement to this now established and acted upon executive act that provides plenty of leeway for whoever is president to decide what is an associated group, and designate the "informed, high-level official[s] of the US government" who recommend people to be taken out by drones, bombs, snipers or assassins... The United States has not only lost its moral high ground, which has been eroding for years, but it is now a nation where a handful of people decide who shall live and who shall die

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