Poll-itics: So much for NRA and GOP popularity.


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Public Policy Polling has a few new polls out today. Here's a sample, but please link over to their site for more:

...PPP's newest national poll finds more voters consider [an NRA] endorsement to be a negative than a positive. 39% say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who had the NRA's support to just 26% who say they'd be more likely to, with 32% saying it wouldn't influence them one way or the other. Among independents 41% consider an NRA endorsement to be a turn off to 27% who say it's a plus. In general 53% of voters say they support stricter gun laws in the country [...]

We continue to find voters more reluctant to identify themselves as Republicans after the party's loss in November. Our final pre-election poll found Democrats with a 2 point party identification advantage at 39/37. Our three national surveys since the election have found it at 44/32, 43/34, and 42/33. Democratic identification is up an average of 4 points since the election and Republican identification is down by an average of 4 points.

So the NRA and the GOP are pretty much in the toidy. Works for me.

Full results here.

  • There are 300,000,000 guns in this country, 60 million gun owners, but only 11 million NRA members. They do not represent me and I don't think they represent you whether you own a firearm or not. They are deep in their ideological bunker and won't come up for air or a lick of common sense for that matter. They're days are numbered with the GOP if they don't rid themselves of insanity, survivalists, conspiracy theorists, rag tag militias who think they can stand toe to toe with Navy Seals with their Bushmaster, and people who own guns to intimidate their neighbors. Look at recent bloated gun sales and you can see the effect of the NRA on the misinformed. Compaare that to the gun related deaths in the US compared to the rest of the civilized world where regulation for citizen's safety supercedes the need to own a weapon. The NRA's answer to this MORE GUNS, everyone should be armed to protect oneself from one's armed neighbors. INSANITY! Let's go back to the days of Tombstone and the wild west. We already see firearms used instad of the Cerebral Cortex, Might makes right so lower your radio and keep them dogs quiet. Stand your ground laws, pushed by NRA are detrimental to the nationsl safety and gives ego inflated gun owners reason to think that they can press their will on their neighbors.
    Is this the proof that the US is the Greatest Nation on Earth? Horsepuckey! Right to Work for Less, Voter Suppression, Stand Your Ground, Union Busting, we pay twice what the rest of the world pays for health care, double for medicines, why? We can't keep our noses out of other countries business, have overthrown governments if we didn't like a duely elected president, or propped up dictators if they did our bidding (Noriega, Saddam, Gadaffi)

  • LA_CC

    Check out the "27% crazification factor" on google. A theory seems to check out that there are approx 27% on any given subject that are just plain crazy. Here, we have 26% who say they're MORE likely to vote for someone with an NRA approval. Ha. 27% crazification factor. I'm tellin' ya... it's uncanny.

  • Spin the drain folks. I'll wait to see you go down it eventually.