Poll-itics: So much for NRA and GOP popularity.


gop fail irrelevant

Public Policy Polling has a few new polls out today. Here's a sample, but please link over to their site for more:

...PPP's newest national poll finds more voters consider [an NRA] endorsement to be a negative than a positive. 39% say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who had the NRA's support to just 26% who say they'd be more likely to, with 32% saying it wouldn't influence them one way or the other. Among independents 41% consider an NRA endorsement to be a turn off to 27% who say it's a plus. In general 53% of voters say they support stricter gun laws in the country [...]

We continue to find voters more reluctant to identify themselves as Republicans after the party's loss in November. Our final pre-election poll found Democrats with a 2 point party identification advantage at 39/37. Our three national surveys since the election have found it at 44/32, 43/34, and 42/33. Democratic identification is up an average of 4 points since the election and Republican identification is down by an average of 4 points.

So the NRA and the GOP are pretty much in the toidy. Works for me.

Full results here.