Graph: How long it took blacks, whites, Hispanics to vote in 2012. One guess who waited in line the least amount of time.


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In January it was reported that at least 201,000 did not vote in Florida because of frustration with long lines. In fact, former Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer came right out and said that Florida Republicans tried to suppress the black vote.

Now the New York Times has a series of graphs depicting exactly how long it took different groups to vote. One guess who waited longer among African American, Hispanic, and white voters. Hint: White voters waited an average of 12+ minutes. Black and Hispanic voters waited an average of 20+ minutes.


Democrats waited an average of 15 minutes, but Republicans? A little over 12 minutes.

Here is a peek at the results. Source: 2012 Survey of the Performance of American Elections, conducted by Charles Stewart III of M.I.T. Much more at the link and here:

Overall average: 14 minutes

The dotted line represents the 14 minute mark.

chart graph how long it took to vote 2012 black, white, hispanic

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  • Democracy at work? Is this what the Founding Fathers meant when they wrote the Constitution. If your policies are poisen and represent only a few misinformed or insane citizens, and you cannot draw intelligent people into your fold, than cheat! Rig Elections, Rig the Electorate, send goons to intimidate, close polling places in Democratic districts, shorten hours, buy companies who manufacture voting machines. This will make ALL MEN equal?
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