Brief encounter with Mr. & Mrs. Alan Greenspan: "Chairman Greenspan, how's that trickle-down economics working for us?"

Photo by @Rousseau_ist

Photo of Andrea Mitchell in limo by @Rousseau_ist

Yesterday I posted Source– John McCain on economic inequality: “I don’t care, nobody cares.” That story was about and by one of my Twitter pals, @rousseau_ist, who came face to face with John Sidney McCain at the Alfalfa Club where he asked, “Senator McCain, what your your thoughts on the current state of economic inequality?” His response:

“I don’t care, nobody cares.”

Of course he didn't care. He has eleventy-two homes and is married to Mrs. Wealthypants.

Today Rousseau sent me the sequel to that story. This one involves Alan Greenspan and his wife Andrea Mitchell. It was another brief encounter that I will let him to describe in his own words:

MSNBC DC Bureau Chief Andrea Mitchell dove into her limo at the Alfalfa Club billionaires annual pow wow Saturday Jan. 26th, stranding her feeble husband to find his own way to the opposite side of the vehicle. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan hunched over, appearing confused, is finally helped to the other door.

As they came towards me, I ask, "Chairman Greenspan, How's that trickle-down economics working for us?" ~ I would have offered an explanation as to how it was working for us, but I felt badly for him. (Imagine that) ~ Here is a guy barely able to stay on his feet and his wife expects a busy doorman to assist her husband. They people have the nerve to say poor people feel "entitled."

This was my moment of being discreet by not bullying a husband and wife I can't stand more than most individuals in this country.

Photo of Alan Greenspan by @Rousseau_ist

Photo of Alan Greenspan by @Rousseau_ist