VIDEO-- Mitch McConnell: "They want to take me out."


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"This is not Bill Clinton. There's no indication [Obama's] moving to the political center. ... Obviously he wasn't my first choice, but he won. And I'm prepared to do things that I think are correct for the country, but it's going to require the president to move to the middle."

"Now, the reason you're here today is cause they want to take me out. This is the only race, as I indicated, in the country with any national significance. And that's why we're up and running this far in advance."

I wouldn't want to take Mitch McConnell out. No. Way. Well, maybe if he offered to pay for the meal and a really good wine, but ... Wait, hang on, I'm hearing something come through my imaginary ear piece. What's that? He's not talking about that kind of taking out?

Ohhh, got it. McConnell was referring to primary challenges, and a Democratic one, in an attempt to boot him out in the coming elections. My bad.

McConnell said as much at a gathering of about 60 supporters at his headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. This was awfully amusing considering how clear he made his own intentions to take President Obama out:

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Via The Hill:

And he balked at the idea of deep rifts in the Republican Party, charging that Democrats have just as many differences, but because "the Democratic Senate hadn't done anything," those differences have not yet been revealed.

Oh, there are rifts, Mitch. Trust us.

UPDATE-- Here's another one: Rove’s Move Into Republican Primaries Enrages Tea Party