Oh f***! Parents group wants FCC to crack down on CBS over Flacco's F-bomb after Super Bowl win


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NippleGate, aka Janet Jackson's infamous Superbowl "wardrobe malfunction," caused a huge uproar, an abundance of hand wringing, passing out on fainting couches, a surge in smelling salts and hand-fan sales, and outrage-- outrage!-- over such tawdritude being aired on the Tee Vee Machine.

Oh, and let's not forget the upswing in lawyer employment. The Hill:

CBS has been involved in years of legal battles after it aired a split-second view of singer Janet Jackson's partially exposed breast following a "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

Which brings us to yesterday's Superbowl win by the Baltimore Ravens. As I watched and heard Flacco's spontaneous Moment of Sheer Ecstasy, I turned to Mr. Laffy, he turned to me, and we both cracked up and said something like, "Uh oh. They just caught him saying f**k on live television, right?" Right:

Immediately after the game ended, an exuberant Joe Flacco, the Baltimore Ravens's quarterback, could be heard saying "f---ing awesome" to one of his teammates.

Well THAT didn't sit well with the Parents Television Council at ALL. Harrumph! They are boiling mad! How DARE a deliriously happy Superbowl hero not think before he spoke? How DARE CBS let an impromptu expletive change the lives-- forever-- of thousands-- no, MILLIONS-- of unsuspecting children?! How DARE that momentary blur of a word make its way into our living rooms?! Time to for action! Again.

Of course, allowing our kids to watch and/or partake in the violent game of football, that's fine and dandy. All those resulting brain injuries, they're perfectly acceptable. Just as long as children aren't exposed to *gasp!* a word.

But too late now. They've been corrupted. Clearly, kiddies everywhere will turn to lives of prostitution and icky video game-playing, of drugs and rock and roll, and worst of all, of instantly morphing into -- dun-dun-dun-n!-- liberals!

Yet this is hunky dory:

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  • Ed

    I think they need to apologize for the Go Daddy ad. Much worse than describing something that was fucking awesome as "fucking awesome".  The Go Daddy ad was fucking gross.

  • Jessica Gardner

    Frankly, I'm a heck of a lot more upset by the "2 Broke Girls Spectacular" that aired right after Beyonce's gyrating halftime show. They gyrated against a stripper pole for 2 minutes (or however long it lasted). I can explain away a split-second "f'ing awesome" as many other things, but I can't explain away two young women humping a pole that lasts and lasts. But I'm not asking CBS to apologize for that. Get over it. If you don't want your kids to see/hear things you deem inappropriate, home school them, get rid of your TV, and never let them out of your house. EVER.

  • Ripley in CT

    How about that the game ended well after little Johnny or Janie should have been snug in their beds?  No child should have heard it in the first place. This is just hollering to hear themselves holler.

  • Bose

    Gotta love this:

    PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement Monday[,] "Joe Flacco's use of the f-word, while understandable, does not absolve CBS..."

    Sorry, Mr. Winter, but your caveat -- "while understandable" -- undermines the rest of your protest. As you imply, the vocabulary and its usage is readily recognized and, for better or worse, mainstream. Sure, it's also impolite, coarse (per my 75-y/o mom), ill-advised and unhelpful in many social contexts.

    But if you believe that kids leave elementary school having never heard such words, or becoming emotionally crippled when they do, you're living in a fantasy world.

  • Andy Marquis

    After years of grilling Joe Flacco, saying he sucks and doesn't belong, he wins a Super Bowl and now they're upset that he talked his trash?  LOL.  Deal with it.