Look who has a new website: Hillary Clinton!


2016 election speculation

Let the speculation begin.

If you go to hillaryclintonoffice.com, here's what you see:

hillary clinton new website

If you click on "Contact" you get this:

hillary clinton new website contact form

It looks like she'll be doing some public speaking, appearances, and Q and A... and who knows what else.

But please don't start with the "Hillary 2016" talk, at least until Hillary herself does. It really is getting a little silly already, and it's only February 2013.

Oh what the hell. Go ahead. Speculate.

UPDATE: A friend advises me that this is not an official Hillary site. Here's where she sent me.  She went on to say that hillaryclinton dot com links to that, and it is paid for by "friends of Hillary."