VIDEO: 2013 Superbowl Ad time! Name the Clydesdale and... well, um. Wow. Whew! It's hottt in here!




Introducing our newest foal, who was just 7 days old during the shoot.

kate upton super bowl ad sexy

The Kate Upton ad never made the cut. Too hottt (and sexist) to air, especially when you think about the panicky hubbub after all that scandalous NippleGate-itude on Super Bowl Sundee 2004. One wardrobe malfunction was enough, apparently.

As for the loveable Clydesdale ad, am I a complete dork if I teared up at a beer commercial?

And how about naming the very impressive, simply adorable horsie Barack Hussein or ACORN just to get under a few of our Republican friends' skin?

Oh, but I kid the GOP.

UPDATE: Here's another Superbowl ad. This one is nothing to laugh at and comes from Mayors Against Illegal Guns: