Doonesbury: "What happens to comics if newspapers go away?"


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Hi, I'm Laffy, and I'm a newspaperaholic.

Hi Laffy!

Scouring my L.A. Times first thing in the morning, all bleary-eyed, trying to read it as I down my mandatory mug of industrial strength jump-starter, er, coffee, is a daily ritual.

It's how I rev up, it's how I manage to process all the horrific, frustrating, (often inadvertently) comical, heart-wrenching, informative, sometimes idiotic political, business, local, and arts-and-entertainment news of the day. It's how I catch up on details I've missed from the day before and review what I haven't. I even take a pen to it and make notes and circle the parts I want to share with you.

I love how the paper smells and feels, I love that sometimes it's a little damp, even soggy if it's been out on the driveway too long on a rainy day. I love that it's tactile and real and something I can hold in my hands, fold, crumple up, use as a crinkly surface that my cats like to snooze on, and from which I can rip out articles. I love the way it sounds when the kitties trample and curl up on it.

I don't want paper news to go away. Just as I cherish turning and dog-earing the pages of a book instead of reading one on a Kindle, I prefer my L.A. Times the old fashioned way... despite that I also spend 10 hours a day on my Computer Machine scanning e-news, e-mails, e-comments, e-social media, e-videos, and e-verything else.

It's not like I'm not totally into high tech, but I'm also a huge fan of the sensory rewards that all those yummy, comforting, touchable old-fangled sources provide. And that includes paper ballots.

So thank you, Garry Trudeau, for bringing the subject of dying newspapers to America's attention. Let's hope they don't go away completely.