VIDEO-- Hillary Clinton formally resigns: "Diplomacy and development are right up there with defense."


hillary clinton resigns as sec of statetough act to follow

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Today Hillary Clinton formally resigned from her Secretary of State post. She will be one tough act to follow.

And if anyone utters one more word about 2016, my head will explode.


"I will miss you. I will probably be dialing Ops just to talk."

"Next week, I would expect that all of you would be as focused and dedicated to Secretary Kerry as you were for me."

"I will be an advocate from outside, for the work you continue to do here and at AID."

"I am so grateful that we've had a chance to contribute in each of our ways to making our country and our world, stronger, safer, fairer, and better."

"...Diplomacy and development are right up there with defense."

"I'm proud to have been a part of you."