Friday Links



Still freaking cold here, about 7 degrees right now.

'Most affectionately, A. Hitler': The platinum watch given to Eva Braun by Nazi leader just months before start of Second World War

Bob Guccione's Penthouse secrets bared

What a waste! Picture from space reveals how new U.S. oil field is burning off enough gas to power Chicago AND Washington - because it's cheaper than selling it

Garage converted into modernist apartment

The modern office rewards narcissists and psychopaths, say scientists

20 best iPhone apps to get you started

Video- US Navy to dismantle grounded ship in Philippines

Video- Secret exterior door with remote control lock

Behind closed doors at Disney's $10,000 a year private members club: The fine wine and Mickey Mouse haute cuisine enjoyed by likes of Tom Cruise and Christina Aguilera

Cilantro may counteract blood-thinner Coumadin

Who, What, Why: Why do some countries regulate baby names?

Kokie's: history of Brooklyn's infamous cocaine bar

Can you really CURE a child of autism? With parental devotion and a pioneering treatment, Jamie's behaviour has been transformed. So why are experts sceptical?

Child's "World War II evacuee" costume